Complex legal services

We provide legal counselling, legalization of the construction, representation in those legal cases in relation with the board of works, cadaster or other institutions.

We will ensure expertise reports, geodetic surveying and geometric plans. We closely cooperate with experts in all connected spheres.

Preparation of contracts

We provide legal counselling and preparation of all types of contracts (contract for work, contract of purchase, exchanging contracts, real burden contracts, security agreements and others.

Real estates - 1

Identification of real estates

We will prepare an identification of real estates (e.g. exact land), research in cadaster, we will find out who is the owner.

We will prepare proposals for additional inheritance procedures (if it’s necessary).

We negotiate with physical and legal entities during the legal settlement of real estates and in case of authorization we will close agreements with them.

Real estates - 2

Exemption from agricultural or forest-land resources

We will ensure the exemption from agricultural or forest-land resources and prepare necessary agreements.

We will ensure a proposal for insertion or enrolment of a real estate into cadaster.

Our client will define a task for us and provide necessary cooperation. We will organize all other things to provide him with an ownership certificate of the real estate.

We are providing these services all around Slovak republic without any restrictions.


Real estates - 3

We represent our clients in connected cadaster, construction or other administrative cases.