Other services

To our clients we provide legal services in all other spheres of law, e.g.:

  • protection of personality, non-material damage, 
  • resolving neighbor relations,  
  • enforcing insurance claims against insurance companies by virtue of the insurance events,  
  • enforcing accounts payable in a law-suit and extrajudicial legal possibilities, 
  • executing a repayment plan, agreements acknowledging the debt, reconciliation agreements, resolving law-suits and distrainment processes, proper and extraordninary discretionary remedies,
  • assenter’s liabilities, rights of lien, preparing lease contracts, other contract types,  
  • enforcing liability amends, 
  • representing clients in criminal processes, administrative actions or other processes,
  • executing submissions and representing clients in proper and extraordinary discretionary remedies, complains about protractions of processes…
  • representing clients in all stages of law-suits (district court, regional court, Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic), 
  • representing clients in front of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic,  
  • executing submissions in front of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
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