Construction law

Complex counselling

  • we provide legal guidance and counselling with building real estate
  • executing contracts for work or other convenient contract types
  • we inform our client about documents needed for the property composition of the real estates influenced by the construction and its relations with the building law.
  • we can review loan contract even before its signing and warn our client about risks or dangers of the agreed conditions.
Construction law - 1

Problems with construction

We propose proceeding in case of violating the conditions of the estate constructor. We can represent client in extrajudicial discussions with the estate’s constructor or other contract partner.

We will execute prosecutions to the court, reclamation of the estate’s flaws, supply experts opinion (if it is convenient or necessary).

We represent clients in administrative, building or malpractice actions. We will prepare argumentation in these processes, written representations or legal prosecutions.

Construction law - 2

Legalization or removal of the construction

Have you been using a land for a longer period of time and you don’t know who is belongs to, or you have an estate on a foreign land, and you want to be its legal owner, eventually legalise the construction?

Are you considering a prescription of the estate or real burden and you don’t know if it is possible and what conditions you must meet? We will provide you legal analysis of the situation and possibilities of your exact case. If you want, we’ll prepare documents and eventually represent you in this case.

We will advise you how to proceed with removal or legalization of the construction.

Construction law - 3