family law

Divorces and property composition

When considering a divorce, make sure that you are making your decision with a considerable amount of qualified information. That way you can be prepared to resolve this complicated situation as correctly as possible

We provide to our clients:

  • counselling in the sphere of family law focusing on divorces
  • we prepare filing, propositions
  • represent you in front of the court
  • we will asset on the future proceeding and tactics which we will us
  • we will also suggest precautions that are necessary to perfor
  • in case it is necessary we will ensure an expertise report (especially in the case of child guidance)
  • we will interpose help of the professional in the other spheres.
  • we will provide legal services until the valid finalization of the process.
  • If it is convenient or necessary, we will also represent you in the case of legal property composition after the end of the marriage or we will provide you necessary counselling.
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    The first session

    • it is convenient that the client will bring at least a copy of the marriage certificate
    • birth-certificates of the children

    • the client should explain under what circumstances was the marriage closed, how was the relationship developing, what are the main reasons of marriage disruption and its dysfunction

    • how does the client imagine further functioning of the family, who should be a guardian of the children, what should be the adequate amount of the alimony, where does the husband and wife work, what is their income for the last year, what are their expenses on the household and who and how much contributes financially to the household?

    • Have you spoken with your partner about the possibility of the divorce? What is your partners opinion, is it possible to reach an agreement between partners about child guidance and the amount of the alimony, how will the children react to the divorce and where will you live after the divorce?

    • Is it necessary to perform immediate measures before the divorce (e.g. set the amount of the alimony, annul undivided co-ownership of the spouses because one of the spouses undertake or is spending common property or there is a danger of several executions on the common property)?

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