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Mgr. Miroslav Hanec

The head of our law office is Mgr. Miroslav Hanec. In 1992 he graduated from Faculty of Law at Comenius University in Bratislava. He completed his practice as a commerce lawyer and also as a lawyer for the Slovak Gas Industry. In 1999 he established our law office, where he is providing complex spectrum of law services in the sphere of family, trade, business, construction, patrimony and labor law.

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We are a law office based in Žilina. Our history began in 1999. We provide services for physical and legal entities.

It’s necessary that you won’t be afraid or shy to ask questions. You need to address the problem from the very begging when you have the option to make active steps, and by that ensuring future positive result. If you will neglect these problems or always postpone them for a better time and you will contact the advocate during a law-suit or even later, you will then just be lowering your losses.

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