real estates and assets

Our law office provides complex legal services in case of buying, selling and renting real estates. We concentrate mainly on legal aspects of these trades. We also cooperate with real estate agencies.

We identify owners of the estates, we ensure background papers from Land Register, cadastre, registry of real property, we locate heirs, submit a motion for additional inheritance procedure (see Patrimony tab.), we negotiate with estates owners, we enclose buying and other contracts.

We provide these services:

  • We prepare or control contracts and papers
  • we’ll prepare all background papers for enrolling an owner’s right into the Certificate of Ownership
  • we will execute proposal for accession and present the Certificate of Ownership to the client.
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Deed of covenant

We prepare deeds of covenant, we will propose how to solve the situation in case of actively using joint estate. Are you parents and want to give your adult children a real estate, in which you live together but you want to make sure that your children won’t throw you out on the street in the future?

We will prepare a concept of the deed of covenant and the contract engages your children to take care of you. There will be clear and detailed conditions and duties of your children (or other beneficiaries) that the contract engages your children to take care of you.

Do you hesitate and can’t decide you want to donate or sell the estate (flat, house, other construction joined with the ground or a land) to your children? We will explain possibilities and dangers of these legal actions.

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Construction legalization

Have you been using a land for a longer period of time and you don’t know who it belongs to, or you have an estate on a foreign land and you want to be its legal owner, eventually legalise the construction? Are you considering a prescription of the estate or real burden and you don’t know if it is possible and what conditions you must meet? We will provide you legal analysis of the situation and possibilities of your exact case. If you want, we’ll prepare documents and eventually represent you in this case.

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Other services

Have you lent money to a close person or a friend and you don’t have any written documentation about the transaction and the debtor isn’t giving the money back? Is it hopeless or do you actually have legal possibilities to collect your debt?

We provide answers even to these kinds of questions. Majority of the situations in life can be unravelled, even if they seem hopeless on the first sight. It is very important not to fear asking in order to address the problem from the very beginning. You still have the possibility to make active steps to positively influence the future results.

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