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Is your employer proposing a change in your contract and you are not so sure about it? Are you not certain if this change is being done according to law or you have other doubts? Contact us, we will explain connections and methods of resolving, eventually propose, how you should act in that situation. If it is necessary, we will execute a proposal or other documentation and explain how you can influence your employer to change his undesirable methods or practices, even without a need of a court process.

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Termination of employment

Did you get fired, or you know that your employer wants to get you fired in the near future?

Be prepared for this situation and you’ll realise that you can handle even this kind of difficult life situation just fine. Precaution is the most efficient way every time. That’s why it’s convenient that you’ll discuss possible proceeding, how to act, what are your possibilities even before the employer delivers you the dismissal from work.

We will instruct you about your rights, what must be written in the dismissal or in the agreement of employment termination. How to proceed, if you should lift the dismissal in the workplace or in other way. What are the possibilities of your defence and what to warn your employer about. If you couldn’t do any precautions, because your employer had surprised you and delivered you the employment termination, bring this document with you – dismissal, agreement or immediate employment termination – we will study this document. You will shortly explain the connections and relations in this case and we will propose you how to proceed. We will tell you if it’s convenient to open law-suit against your employer because of invalidity of the employment termination or if you won’t success in this possible process.

You can send these documents electronically.

In that case you can fill in a short e-form and shortly define what you need. We’ll send you an e-mail with information of the time when you’ll get a response from us along with an account number, variable symbol and the price for this service. If you’ll agree, you can make a payment. After resolving your problems we’ll erase our communication from the electronical database.

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Problems at work?

Have you received a written warning from your employer about a violation of work discipline or you haven’t been appropriately paid? We will advise how you can efficiently defend yourself or what are your other possibilities.

Has your employer transferred you to another job that is different from what you agreed on in your contract? You disagree and don’t know what to do? You want to maintain your job, but you don’t want to do something that isn’t in your work contract. We will advise you how to argument, what to be careful with, what needs increased attention and what are your possibilities. We will instruct you about your rights

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We provide complex counselling

  • bullying and discrimination in the workplace
  • collective bargaining
  • claim from the collective labour agreement
  • working conditions, safety and health protection in work.
  • others
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